BCSA Silhouette Range

BCSA silhouette uses drilled railroad ties set in the ground as a base for the target stands. To better utilize our space we employ an "over and under" set-up:

One of 4 banks of chickens

One of 4 banks of pigs

One of 4 banks of turkeys

One of 4 banks of rams

There are also individual shooting stations with an integral gun rack for each shooter. There is enough room on the line for 16 shooters per relay, four on each animal. For our course of fire we shoot the top row first from left to right, followed by the bottom row from left to right.

Shooting stations for chickens (far left) and pigs (near right). We added a slot after this picture was taken.

Due to the nature of our range set-up, after completing a bank of animals each shooter will then rotate to the next station for each subsequent set of animals (chickens move to pigs, pigs to turkeys, turkeys to rams, and rams to chickens).

The range is measured to the appropriate distances for smallbore silhouette: 40m for chickens, 60m for pigs, 77m for turkeys, and 100m for rams.

Note: The area just in front of the rams is usually *very* wet. Wear waterproof boots with high uppers to avoid getting your feet wet. This will dry out *a bit* during the summer.

Please let me know if you need assistance when sighting in and I'll be glad to help.