Air Rifle Silhouette at BCSA

Air rifle silhouette will be held every other Monday of the month, from April through August on the BCSA rifle range. Practice will begin at 5:00pm with relay 1 going off at 5:30pm. Shooting will be on a regulation course using 1/10 scale resettable silhouettes: Chickens at 20 yards, Pigs at 30 yards, Turkeys at 36 yards, and Rams at 45 yards. With 8 or less shooters we will run two 40-shot rounds. With more than 8 shooters we will run one 60-shot round. There will be 4 shooters per relay. All classes will be fired together. Any air rifle that causes targets to be damaged will be disqualified. The entry fee of $5.00 covers all the air rifle shooting for the day! And don't forget to check out our Air Rifle Field Target program!