Welcome to BCSA Field Target

We are an AAFTA Affiliated Club and are proud to be sponsored by Pyramyd Air! Be sure to click the images below and check out the AAFTA Website and visit Pyramyd Air for all your Airgun needs!



Air rifle field target shooting has been around since 2007 at BCSA. Participation rates continue to grow year after year. It involves shooting at metal knockdown targets that have a scoring area called the "kill zone" (KZ). If you hit the KZ and the target falls over you score 1 point! The target is then reset by pulling a string. The size of the KZ can range in size from 3/8" to 1 3/4" at ranges from 10 yards all the way to 55 yards. The ranges are randomly set before each match and it is up to the shooter to determine the proper scope settings before the shot. Shooting is done from any of the 4 shooting positions (standing, sitting, kneeling, or prone) but most shooters choose sitting, unless the lanes are specified as standing or kneeling.

Match Rules

Our shoots are "club style" meaning the atmosphere is relaxed and casual.

AAFTA rules will be used at all shoots. This will classify shooters into following categories:

Open Division

WFTF Division

Hunter Division

* Scope magnification is limited to 16x (New rule issued in 2018)

* Range finding can be done with the scope but adjustment of the windage and elevation knobs is prohibited.

WFTF Division which will follow the World Core Rules.

Pistol Field Target Two classes will be run, Limited Class & Hunter Class.

CLICK here for the AAFTA Handbook for additional equipment restrictions and shoot rules.

A special note on BCSA's Open division AGAIN, BCSA will NOT be running an Unlimited Class this year! INSTEAD we will be offering the option of shooting Open Division the way it should truly be.....OPEN! Basically we'll combine the rules from Hunter (seats, sticks, etc.) & Open (higher mag scopes, clicking, etc.) creating a true Open Division. For example, if you want to sit on a high seat, use your shooting sticks, your high power scope at max power, then you're in Open. Anything that is restricted by either the Open or Hunter Division rules is not allowed. For example, no laser range finders, attached bi-pods, etc. PLEASE BE AWARE that this is not AAFTA approved and you will most likely not be allowed to shoot this way at other venues. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Any air rifle shooting less than 20ft/lb of energy or air pistol shooting less than 12ft/lb is allowed. The entry fee of $15.00 for both is far cheaper than a movie and a lot more fun! If for any reason there will not be a shoot on a particular date a message will be posted on this web site, with as much lead time as possible. Always check the BCSA newsletter or this web site for the latest information during the season. If you have any questions, contact the match director via email: ft1@bcsportsmen.org